More 3rd party WiiU games coming

Last month I wrote that a number of unannounced Wii U games were reportedly held back from this year’s E3, and now there’s more proof that certain 3rd party titles that are in development were not shown.

During the latest Official Nintendo Magazine podcast the staff talked about some of their favourite moments at this years E3, and Editor-in-Chief, Chandra Nair, said what was most exciting for him was finding out about some third party titles for Wii U, that weren’t announced to the public.

“It’s actually a moment I cant talk about, because my favourite bit of E3 was finding out about all the cool third party stuff that’s coming for the Wii U, which they decided not to talk about, which was awesome. So I just want to say yeah, there’s loads of third party stuff coming which I reckon we might see at Gamescom, or we might see at TGS, but its coming. That was my favourite bit because everyone was saying “No one’s bringing out anything for Wii U”, and I saw some cool things.”

Chandra Nair, Official Nintendo Magazine

This news just adds to the many sources that have claimed there were multiple Wii U games held back from E3, not just by Nintendo, but companies like EA who said last month:

“We wanted to hold our fire a little bit on a couple of the other games that we’re working on. We’ll have more announcements this summer on the rest of the Wii U line-up.”

Frank Gibeau, EA

And similarly last month Gametrailers’ editor-in-chief Shane Satterfield tweeted that a big game he knew about prior to E3 wasn’t shown at the event:

“Just realized that a Wii U game I knew about well before E3 was never announced at the show. I’m guessing there are others to come as well.”

Shane Satterfield, GameTrailers

Gamescom takes place on 15th-19th August, and TGS on 20th-21st September, so fingers-crossed we’ll see some new games announced then.

You can check out the latest Official Nintendo Podcast here. The interesting quote from Chandra starts 8 minutes in.

There’s no clues as to what third party titles he’s referring to, but they seem to have him excited whatever they are.